the apocalypse is coming!

February 14th, 2012 - leave a comment

Would you join a band who needed a guitar player if you couldn’t play guitar?

Would you apply for a doctors position with no medical degree?

How about flying a plane? You have a driving license so why not fly a plane?

Now all of these things are fucking ridiculous, so why are people buying tattoo machines from ebay, getting their mates over and tattooing them. Why are people opening tattoo studios who have never tattooed or had any interest in tattooing apart from now they have realised they can make some fast cash from it, these people are the reason tattooing is going down the pan, they open a shop and get some artists in who are desperate for work, second rate artists, foreign artists and artists who have only been tattooing six months. Then they get an apprentice, six months down the line the apprentice thinks they know it all and is also sick of getting treated like shit so they leave and open their own studio, then they get an apprentice of their very own, who they in turn treat like crap and so the cycle continues.

These shops operate because the general public are stupid morons who know nothing about tattooing and would happily pay £20 for a shit tattoo because it’s a bargain and their mates all tell them its amazing.

The same people who buy a dvd player from asda for £10 and then buy one every six months because they keep breaking, when they could have just bought an £80 one that would have lasted for many years. While the country remains to be full of retards with the IQ of a turkey twizzler tattooing will continue to go down the pan, while the people we all hate carry on raping its lifeless corpse.

There are no ethics, no honour and certainly no respect, if I turn away a nineteen year old because I won’t tattoo his neck I know he will go get it tattooed somewhere else, because there is some other artist desperate enough to need the cash.

The tattoo apocalypse is coming, some shall remain but by god yo will have to jump through hoops to stay, the weak willed will fall as will the talentless chancers and scrathers, we will lose old timers and great artists, but tattooing will carry on as long as people are on earth.

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