supporting artists

July 27th, 2012 One gratefully received comment

supporting up and coming artists and independent  ideas and art is not just buying a physical “thing” yes the reason you bought that piece or art, song or book was because you liked it but deep down you are buying so much more then that.

you are buying years of study and hours of experimentation, you are buying hundreds of failures, scrapped ideas and binned pieces of paper, you are buying frustration, worry and sleepless nights. Aswell as joy and the rush of success. you are buying a moment in time a piece of someone heart.  Most importantly you are supporting that artist so they can carry on doing what they love and continue to producing work that you and others enjoy.

Artist have rent, and bills to pay, they have familys and food to put on the table, clothes and shoes to put on their feet just like you.

One Response to “supporting artists”

  1. navalstone says:

    Very good post. I think that at the end the most important thing is “Credibility”: A man can get a reputation from very small things.