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May 22nd, 2012 One gratefully received comment

One of THE most important things to have when you are drawing or painting is good reference material and i don’t mean pictures of tattoos that other people have done i mean pictures or actual “real” things you are drawing.

Today i visited the Mucha museum in Prague, now Alphonse Mucha is well know for his art nouveau posters and advertisements from the beginning of the century, however visiting his museum they also had a large collection of his paintings and portrait work.

also on display was a collection of pencil sketch’s he made in preperation in planning layout and compostion, aswell as a display of photographs he made to use as reference for his famous Art Nouveau women. he had indeed gone to great lengths to find models that had a certain look that he wanted to capture, we dressed them in gowns and draped cloaks around them and lit them the way he wanted then took photos to work from.

in this day and age its even easier to get good photo reference with cheap digital cameras and photo programmes on your computer to change contrast and even lighting most of us have no excuse not to be able to get the reference we need.

similiarly with the internet you no longer need a personal library of books on flowers animals and whatnot to use to draw from, everything is available to you at your fingers.

Not everyone is as gifted as Mucha but im sure most of you can do a lot more to try and be origonal?

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