Living on the road

January 18th, 2012 - leave a comment

Its been soooo long since i have posted I apologies to anyone who reads my blog,

As you probably know I have been travelling a lot so haven’t really been on top of things like my website and certainly haven’t had time to write any blogs. Also i am still writing a monthly article for skin deep magazine which is around 1000 words a month so that pretty much eats up my writing time. I hit the road in october 2010 and i am still travelling, so far most places i have tattooed and visited have been very enjoyable. I am back in england for two months and then i will be heading over to mainland eruope to work a bunch of conventions and guestspots.

People always tell me how they couldn’t travel for so long, but for me the positive aspects of travelling to work far outweigh the negative, I have become a lot less materialistic as everything i own has to fit in one back, I constantly have new inspiration around me for tattooing and am constantly working and watching new artists learning and keeping my skills growing. my eyes have been opened to new cultures, religions and customs which i have embraced and try to take part in when i can. Returning to england i am now realising how small minded some people and certain religions are, how unaccepting and disrespectful they are of the world in general and what has come before. I have always hated people telling me whats right and wrong and when the people telling you haven’t even experienced anything else you realised how messed up views and religions are in this country, and i feel sorry for those people.

keep your mind open, embrace new culture, shut up listen, watch and learn from it.

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