layout and starting a painting

August 31st, 2012 - leave a comment

I was going to do a start to finish post, but i got carried away and enjoyed doing the picture so much that i forgot to take pictures all the way through, so it will just cover the beginning.

I always used a rough/textured 300gsm watercolour paper for all my paintings, i use faber castell pens because they don’t run when you put the ink on top of them and i use ecoline watercolour inks.

I use sepia tone pens black and i also use the grey colours for lining the hair. I also use three thickness of pens fine, medium and brush pen.

I have used ecolines for a good few years now, the are really bright and blend together really smoothly,bright paint is important if you are going to get copies made as it means your copies should come out really bright aswell. ecolines are available in most art shops though the ph martins are normally easier to come across and are just as good.

start with a sketch, i make my sketch in pencil on normal paper, then i go over it in pen to define it,i sketch it with a light pencil, this one i sketched in orange, then once i had it down i went over in pen.

Then i retrace it and do the layout and background, sometimes i do it on tracing paper sometimes i just do it on normal paper on a lightbox, here i did it on two sheets of regular a4 paper stuck together.

once the layout and the design are good, i trace the image onto watercolour paper, as said before i personally like rough textured paper and least 300gsm thicker paper is better for inks, as it soaks them up.

you are then ready to start your painting, i start with my coffee wash then paint over the top of it.

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