Ice bucket challenge Re-Challenged

August 25th, 2014 - leave a comment

I bet most of you won’t even read this full status.
Why throwing ice over yourself is stupid.

Ok i have been nominated for the ice bucket challenge a couple of times now, but i’m not doing it and here are my reasons, i have donated over $1000 to charity’s of my own choice this year, we did a tattoo event for movember and raised $750 for cancer research Nz, and i have given over $300 to the spca wellington, both charity’s i think are good causes. Now at the tattoo charity event apart from people getting tattooed no one donated money to our fundraising efforts, yet somehow throwing cold water over yourself and donated $2 makes you a caring person? that’s about as much good a pissing in the ocean, its sad this social media generation can’t take more then 5 minutes out of their selfish busy lives and do more good for charity’s and worthwhile causes, it could start close to home, volunteering for an afternoon, maybe giving $10-$20 a month to a charity you really think deserves it?

At the end of the day, your trying to show the world your a good person, that you care, but most people are selfish, ego maniacs, bred by social media, where making “friends” and getting “likes” is more important than real life, i don’t give a shit how many “likes” your ice bucket challenge video got, to most of you that’s more important than the “amazingly generous” $2 you donated on the internet to a charity you only just heard about. I get the point, the ice bucket challenge is doing a good job of raising awareness for a good cause, but my point is, we should all be giving a little to charity’s and doing what we can, we don’t need to be told.

I tattooed all afternoon for free, the money went to charity, why don’t you do the same?? Go to work for an afternoon and donate that afternoons pay to charity? don’t post it on social media, just do it, and feel good about yourself.

so if you have the balls, get out there and make a real difference, I CHALLENGE YOU!

please repost and share this status

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